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  18 December 2014

Tuckaway Farm was the small (ten-acre) farm in western Massachusetts that we owned until June 2013. Although we no longer own the farm, we have decided that our olive oil business should maintain its name. As we have done for many years, we continue to import organic extra-virgin olive oil of premium quality from Umbria, in Central Italy, where we lived and produced olive oil from our own grove for four years.

Our lamb flock (its oldest ewe pictured here) now lives on another farm, where it is well cared for, along with our donkey Pinto.

We received the 2013 harvest oil from Italy on December 18, 2013, once again certainly the first 2013 oil in the country. Eros Mercuriali, the miller whose organic oil we buy, tells us that the 2013 harvest was "più che buono" ("more than good") despite a smaller crop due to weather fluctuations during the growing season. .